Parrot Disco FPV Fixed Wing Drone | Unique Flight Experience


The Parrot Disco FPV fixed wing drone is a completely differently experience than the quad copters most of us are used to seeing and flying. The flying experience is exhilarating due to the speed this UAV can reach coupled with its flight characteristics of it being a plane. Add to this the FPV which will immerse you onto the flight and make you will feel as if you are up in the air. Soar above the clouds and dive back down coupled with some twists and turns as you feel the flight adrenaline. Need to stop, there is no hover on this drone, this is a mini airplane and you must land it safely to stop the action.


To take off you press on the takeoff/landing button and with the motor up to speed you just throw it forward and it will fly. It was very impressive sensors that will correctly orient the drone, some say they have even thrown it upside down and the Parrot Disco re-orients itself. Once it takes off the disco will climb to 50 meters and then fly in a holding pattern of 196 feet until you take the manual controls. Take off complete and you are ready to fly this drone to the maximum speed of 50 mph

Parrot FPV

Once in the air, the Wi-Fi connection between the controllers and the disco will allow you a flight range of 1.24 miles in wide open fields. Near buildings or other structures this might be reduced. The 45 min battery life is great for a worthwhile time of flight fun in between charges. This 45 min is quite good considering same price level quad copters such as the DJI Phantom and Mavic Pro have a flight time of around 28 min.

Upon taking the manual controls the differences between a quad copter and this fixed wing drone will become apparent. Its learning curve is quite higher than those others. Simple movements are easy enough, but you will need to truly practice to fly this correctly. Will you crash? You just might when you are starting out. The good news is the light carbon and polypropylene body will most likely than not be able to absorb your soft crashes, emphasis on the soft part. 

Parrot Drone

The FPV together with this being a plane gives you a truly immersive flight experience. For those of you who ever dreamt of being an airplane pilot, this could be a good way to get close. The Parrot Disco comes with a 1080p HD camera which will transmit breathtaking views to the safety of the ground. To use the FPV you connect the Free Flight Pro app on your iOS or Android smartphone and connect it to the cockpit glass. This drone comes with 32 gb of internal storage to store your constant motion videos.


Now to the landing, this might just be the hardest part for beginners. There is no landing gear, so a soft landing surface preferably grass is ideal. You also need a good amount of space to properly land. Parrot recommends at least 240 ft. of open space to land the more the better especially when you are just starting out. Once and advanced pilot, you will probably be able to do with less. You can also utilize the auto landing feature to help you out. The way to do this is align the Parrot against the wind and with your intended landing area as you begin the approach. Once around 20 to 30 ft. you press the up/down arrow on the skycontroller 2 to auto-land. Need to abort, you press the up/down arrow once again but this only works when the drone is around 30 ft. height. 

As for the price, you can purchase it today for a good discount and a final price of $999 on amazon getting you a pretty $300 dollar discount. Not an inexpensive drone but certainly a very different flight experience that you can appreciate.


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